Unboxing the Cosmo Communicator

Like I did when receiving the Gemini PDA, I want to share the first impressions while unboxing the brand new Cosmo Communicator, I have received today. About one year ago I have backed Planet Computers Cosmo Communicator Indiegogo campaign. Planet Computers has promised a device that is different from anything else, that is available for purchase. The Cosmo Communicator is a clamp-shell class device with a fully integrated keyboard and touchscreen and full phone usability that is designed for Android, but will also be capable of running Linux or Sailfish OS. Major improvements compared to the Gemini PDA, beside better specs, are the outside cover display and the backlit keyboard. No need to go through the full specs here, everything interesting regarding these can be read on Planet Computers web page. Yesterday, after a long time of waiting the parcel with the Cosmo finally arrived.

Cosmo Parcel
Parcel containing the Cosmo Communicator

Inside the parcel has been a single box

cosmo box
Box containing the Cosmo Communicator

Before opening the box has to be fold out.

cosmo box fold out
Fold out Cosmo box

After Opening the box one can see the well packed Cosmo in there.

csomo box opened
Opened Cosmo box

The full content of the box can be seen below. One can see the Cosmo wrapped well in foil as well as an envelope containing a quick start manual and the Sim card tool. Still in the box are two smaller boxes containing the charger and the USB cable.

cosmo content
Cosmo box content

After removing the foil we can see the Cosmos full beauty.

The Cosmo Communicator

With the opened device we can see the display and the German QWERTZ keyboard. Keyboard and hinge even feel more solid as with the Gemini PDA.

cosmo booting
Opened Cosmo booting Android

After booting the Cosmo shows the initial welcome screen. With a press to the start button one could start the initial setup process.

cosmo welcome
Cosmo welcome screen

The outer cover touch display, which shows the caller id and allows to accept calls can be seen below.

outer display
Cosmo Communicators outer touchscreen showing date and time

For the Cosmo Communicator I also ordered a third party belt case which can be seen below with the Cosmo inside and a Adonit Dash2 stylus attached.

cosmo belt case
Third party belt case with the Cosmo

I am hoping you have enjoyed the photo series and some first impressions of the Cosmo. Further articles regarding testing some aspects of the device, and hopefully some solutions will follow. Stay tuned for updates.


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