Another improved modular Linux kernel for the Gemini PDA

The time has come for another modular linux kernel for the Gemini PDA. The linux kernel binaries I have shared before were lacking proper USB pendrive support. Whenever a drive got connected it froze and the device begun behaving strange, in example it has been impossible to open applications afterwards. Furthermore, in the meanwhile the Geminis keyboard ghosting issue got fixed in the updated kernel sources. Thus I have decided to build another kernel with the following changes:

•Enabled modules for more USB devices
•Enabled FB_UDL and DRM_UDL (for displaylink devices)
•Disabled SCSI_MQ_DEFAULT (for getting USB pendrives working again)

The changes and dependencies result in this kernel configuration: gemini-3.18.41+-config.gz (433 downloads )

For the build, again the updated kernel source the from has been used.

Again the kernel modules for the iptables MIRROR target (will not be usable with the default iptables version on the Gemini) and frandom have been added.

Those who do not want to go through the build themselves can download my prebuild kernel from here:

Kernel Image: modules_firmware-gemini-3.18.41+.tar.gz (581 downloads )
Modules: linux_boot-gemini-3.18.41+.img (451 downloads )

Instructions for flashing the image can be found on: Make sure to use a proper scatter file, in example the one that has been used for the initial flashing. Using the Download only mode of the flash tool is sufficient. Uncheck all partitions but linux_boot (or boot if you boot into linux as default). For the linux_boot respectively the boot partition select the downloaded kernel image. With newer scatter files the boot partition names have changed to boot, boot1 and boot2. Select the appropriate  one for your Gemini.

Alternatively you can flash the kernel using dd:

dd if=linux_boot-gemini-3.18.41+.img of=/dev/block/disk/by-partlabel/boot

If Linux is not your primary operating system on the Gemini use boot1 or boot2 instead, depending on your partition layout.

After flashing, copy the modules archive onto your Gemini and extract it in your root directory:

cd /
tar -xzf /path_to/modules_firmware-gemini-3.18.41+.tar.gz

After rebooting the device, USB pendrives and other SCSI like devices like HDDs and DVD drives/burners should work again when attached to the Geminis USB ports.


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