nvidia-drivers-180.37 causing strange segfaults

Today, while performing a large world upgrade on my gento x86_64 system, I noticed almost every build segfaulting (internal compiler error…). In the meanwhile I was encoding several videos (xvid) with avidemux. thus I had a somewhat high memory usage. Some of the avidemux processes also segfaulted. I noticed these segfaults also yesterday, but thought something was wrong with my video files. After many segfaults the system then ran completely out of memory and I had to reboot.

Because of my last experience with nvidias drivers (see: CTRL-C and CTRL-Z not working after nvidia-driver upgrade and high CPU usage) the nvidia-driver was my first supective. So I masked off nvidia-drivers-180.37 and downgraded to 180.29 again. Afterwads the segfaults didn’t occur anymore.

NVIDIA should really do better testing with their drivers before releasing.  Errors like this are normally extremely hard to track down, since nobody would suspect the graphics driver to be the reason for this. Well, in this case intuition saved me a lot of time…



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