CTRL-C and CTRL-Z not working after nvidia-driver upgrade and high CPU usage

Yesterday I ran the usual system upgrades of my gentoo system (emerge –sync;emerge -uND world). After a reboot I noticed that in my gnome-terminal CTRL-C and CTRL-Z didn’t work any more. I also noticed that nautilus was using up one CPU completely.

The first reason I thought of was the kbd upgrade to 1.15. I tried to downgrade to 1.13-r1 again, but this did not solve the problem, but anyways, I’ll stay with 1.13 until the init script problems are solved in a newer ebuild.

After some hours of searching and trying I found the following in my dmesg output:

bluetooth-apple[9380] general protection ip:7f277c8b7e5e sp:7fff8b5fd270
error:0 in libGL.so.180.35[7f277c861000+a4000]

So I tried recompiling the bluetooth applet with no success. Well, it did compile, but the error was still there afterwards.

Afterwards the dmesg output  hinted me to try  downgrading nvidia-drivers from 180.35 to 180.29 , which solved the problem.


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