VR920 Headtracking driver development

I made some progress in developing a Linux driver for the Vuzix VR920 iwear headtracking. Thanks to MalMal on Vuzix Forums I was able to learn how to read the Sensor data out of the device via USB. I managed to calculate yaw, pitch and roll from the accelerometer and magnetometer data (The device has got three of each). This makes a 3DOF tracking possible and would allow you to look around in a 3D Scene. Also a use as X11 input device would be possible. One could move the window one sees on a virtual Desktop by turning his head. For this we would need a new X11 input driver which  maps the tracking data to the  viewport of the virtual screen. How about full HD with 640×480 displays? 😉

The driver sends the tracking data as UDP multicast, thus many clients may read the data, which makes parallelisation more possible, i.e. one could use one machine for rendering and another machine for calculations.

The calibration works similar to the windows driver, one has to turn around the device until no values increase anymore.

I still have to improve the calibration mechanism. It still lacks the set zero feature. Also I have to make movements appear more smooth. Well, these are more or less minor problems and I should solve them soon. So expect to see a download ready version soon on mygnu.de.

Stay tuned for updates.


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