meego 1.2 Summer Release tested

Hi  folks,

I’ve tested meego SR on my N900 and it looks great. There are only problems with my german keyboard layout left, but with onscreen keyboard everything works fine.

Next I will check connecting it to anything, I’ve connected maemo to.

The installation documentation is here and it simply works. If you have a pr1.3 kernel, you only need to install uboot. Originally it can boot from a fat partition of any sd card inserted. If you want to switch back, you have only to remove the sd card. For testing it is easy.

Now I will test Meego some swipes more 😉

best regards xexplorer

You will find more info’s on A short list of release notes can be found here.

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MeeGo 1.1 released

The MeeGo Project has released the version 1.1 for Intel Atom and ARMv7 for Download. MeeGo is the fusion of Intels Netbook OS Moblin and Nokias Maemo. The new Linux distribution is available with three different Desktops.

The Version User Experience (UX) for Netbooks uses the well known GTK Interface of the Moblin distribution. The variant  for In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) is optimized for in car use. The third variant Handset UX is designed for use with mobile phones and internet tablets. Handset UX should work on N900 Nokia mobile phones and is planned to be installed on the new N9 instead of Symbian-OS.


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