watching 3D stereo mpo images with ushare

Some months ago I got my brand new LG 55LA6608 3D TV. Of course I wanted to watch the 3d photos taken with the Fujifilm Finepix Real 3D camera with it. The images taken by the camera are being stored using the MPO file format. These images consist of two jpeg images and some metadata inside the exif header inside the MPO container. According to the specification the television is capable of playing this file format, which works fine when using in example an USB-stick. However, it is desireable to watch the images using a network connection, for example when the files are stored on a linux server.

For displaying videos or images from a server this and other television devices use the DLNA protocol, which is implemented by by various linux services like minidlna or ushare. None of the tested ones was capable to present the MPO files to the TV. The solution to enable ushare to do this is quite simple. The MPO mime type has to be added to ushares supported file formats. This can be done by adding the line

{ “mpo”,  UPNP_PHOTO, “http-get:*:image/mpo:”},

to the MIME_TYPE_LIST array in mime.c. This has been verified to work with the ushare-1.1a. For convenience one can download the patch for this from here:

ushare-mpo.patch (1781 downloads )

One can download the ushare sources from SourceForge. After downloading patch the ushare sources with the mpo-patch and build it. Build and usage instructions can be found in the readme file included in the ushare download from SourceForge. Do not forget to run ./configure –enable-dlna before running make for use with recent devices like the mentioned LG TV.

As usually, for gentoo users there is a more easy way: Create the directory


and place the patch file in it. Make sure that the dlna USE-flag is set in /etc/make.conf or /etc/portage/package.use. Afterwards emerge ushare again and enjoy watching your 3D MPO images stored on your linux box using your TV.



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