zen-sources-2.6.38_p20110501 with tuxonice

Starting with 2.6.36 tuxonice has been removed from zen-sources again. A few days ago the zen-sources-2.6.38_p20110501 ebuild appeared in the gentoo portage tree. So I patched the brand new zen-sources-2.6.38_p20110501 with tuxonice. The official 2.6.38 tuxonice patch from tuxonice.net has worked out of the box, this time.

Suspend to RAM works at least on my Dell Precison M65 and my Desktop, as well as suspend to disk does. Well, I have to mention that I again tried to use BFS, the brain fuck scheduler, to increase (felt) performance. This time the brain fuck scheduler worked well with tuxonice and did not result in the crash during atomic copy, I described in zen-sources-2.6.37_p20110325 with tuxonice.  Thus  I did not have to fall back to the CFS scheduler and automatic control groups as I had to with 2.6.37. However this is also an alternative to the brain fuck scheduler.

Download the zen-sources-2.6.38_p20110501 patch here. Then apply the patch to the vanilla kernel sources avalable from kernel.org. Afterwards download the tuxonice patch from tuxonice.net and apply it. Now you can continue with the standard kernel building process.

For Gentoo users there is a more easy way: Download my modified overlay from [download#69] and extract it in /usr/local/portage. Be sure to include the following line in your /etc/make.conf:


If you want to use tuxonice include toi in your USE-flags. Then emerge zen-sources and build the kernel as you wish.

Tuxonice is not officially supported in current zen-sources. So If you’re using the files above, don’t report any bugs to zen-sources.org. You are on your own.

For my Precision M65 I used the following kernel config: [download#70]

For more information on the zen-sources patchset see www.zen-sources.org.

best regards


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