zen-sources-2.6.37_p20110325 with tuxonice

Starting with 2.6.36 tuxonice has been removed from zen-sources again. A few days ago the zen-sources-2.6.37_p20110325 ebuild appeared in the gentoo portage tree.  Since I did not want to stick to my old 2.6.35 kernel I patched the brand new zen-sources-2.6.37_p20110325 with tuxonice. The official tuxonice patch from tuxonice.net did not work, so I had to slightly modify it to apply cleanly on zen-sources.

Suspend to RAM works at least on my Dell Precison M65 and my Desktop, as well as suspend to disk does. Well, I have to mention that I wanted to use BFS, the brain fuck scheduler, to increase performance. This resulted in tuxonice freezing during  atomic copy when trying to hibernate, thus I had to use the CFS scheduler again.

Download the zen-sources 2.6.37_p20110325 patch here. Then apply the patch to the vanilla kernel sources avalable from kernel.org. Afterwards download my modified tuxonice patch from here: [download#64]. Then apply it and continue with the standard kernel building process.

For Gentoo users there is a more easy way: Download my modified zen-sources-overlay (including the patches) from [download#65] and extract it in /usr/local/portage. Be sure to include the following line in your /etc/make.conf:


If you want to use tuxonice include toi in your USE-flags. Then emerge zen-sources and build the kernel as you wish. It would be nice if this USE-flag and the ebuild modification find their way into the portage tree.

Tuxonice is not officially supported in current zen-sources. So If you’re using the files above, don’t report any bugs to zen-sources.org. You are on your own.

For my Precision M65 I used the following kernel config: [download#66]

For more information on the zen-sources patchset see www.zen-sources.org.

best regards


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