bino 0.9.2 released

Recently I wrote about bino, a stereoscopic video player that is usable with linux and also supports quad buffered stereo. In the meanwhile the versions 0.9.1 and 0.9.2 have been released. The new version includes multithreading to read, decode, and display video data in parallel, for better performance and some bugfixes.

Bino still does not work properly with linux, at least it still does not display anything on my gentoo box. The patch for bino, I provided here, does not work anymore.


At least on my gentoo box bino failed to display anything. When starting bino  it failed with a window popping up:

Cannot set GL context format

The reason for this was the same as before. Bino was requesting an alpha visual, which did not succeed. I have not seen the point in requiring an alpha visual for bino, so I just removed this. You may download the patch from here: [download#60]

Addon: The patch is only necessary when the X server does not provide an alpha visual, which may i.e. be the case when using only 16 bits of colour  depth.

Getting things to work

Download Bino from here: bino-0.9.2.tar.xy and extract it.

tar -xf bino-0.9.2.tar.xz

Afterwards apply my patches and compile Bino.

cd bino-0.9.2

patch -p0 < bino-0.9.2-quad-buffered-stereo.patch



make install

The Gentoo way

For gentoo users here is my overlay including the ebuild: [download#62] Download the modified overlay (it includes the patches) and extract it in /usr/local/portage. Be sure to include the following line in your /etc/make.conf:


Then emerge bino and enjoy viewing your 3d movies again.


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