New version of SIV – the Stereoscopic Image Viewer ahead

Last year I published the first release of my stereoscopic image viewer, SIV here. At the time it was the first viewer for Linux supporting jps files and quad buffered stereo. As far as I know it is still the only one with support for the headtracking of the VR920 head mounted display. Currently I am working on a new and better version which will have the following additional features:

  • native support for the MPO file format (used by Fujifilm stereo cameras)
  • adjustments for
  • Improved OSD
  • Filters

In the current development stage most of the features are basically working so expect the new version of the viewer to be released soon. I hope to get it ready for Christmas, for those of you who have their new 3D camera under the Christmas tree.

Stay tuned for updates


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