Lost dellWirelessCtl?

After upgrading my system from libsmbios-2.0.3 to libsmbios-2.2.19 my scripts for setting up wireless failed. After a short search on dell linux wiki I found out, that some Scripts have got a new name. So dellWirelessctl is now smbios-wireless-ctl. The usage seems to be the same.

What is libsmbios?

It is a cross OS library intended to be used to obtain common information available in BIOS using a unified API. Currently, it can programmatically access any information in the SMBIOS tables. It also has the ability to obtain Dell system-specific information such as the Dell System ID number, service tag, and asset tag. Future plans include APIs for $PIR, and mptable mapping.

If you want to know more about libsmbios, have a look at http://linux.dell.com/libsmbios/main/cmdlinetools.html

I hope this information is useful for you

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