Wrong units in gnome-sensors-applet

A while ago I noticed my gnome-sensors-applet displaying wrong units for some sensors. I.e. it displayed an “A” next to a fan sensor value.  Since I had the same problem once before I remembered quickly how to solve it. Because I did not find anything about this problem in the web, I decided to write this post.

The reason for the wrong units is wrong data stored in gconf. Each sensor has a type. If this type is stored wrong the applets configuration the applet displays the wrong unit for the sensor. Sensor types I know are:

  • 0 – current (A)
  • 1 – fan (RPM)
  • 2 – temperature (C or F, depends on selection)
  • 3 – voltage (V)

To change the applets configuration to the right sensor types start gconf-editor.

Search for the key name sensors_applet_version. At the same location you will find the properties of the sensors applet. Then open (doubleclick onto each)  the keys ids or labels and sensor_types edit key pages and move them next to each other to identify which sensor type entry belongs to which sensor.


Now change sensors with wrong type settings to the correct ones. Then from console issue a killall gnome-panel to force the configuration to get reloaded. Afterwards you should get the correct unit being displayed next to your sensor data.


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