check cd/dvd script

I sometimes have the problem that k3b fails to compare a burned disc with an ISO-image because it fails to reload the disk. So I wrote a small script that compares a CD or DVD against an ISO-Image. Since it can be quite handy, I like to share the script with you.

It takes the ISO-image to compare against as first parameter. The second (optional) parameter it takes is the drive, the disc is located in (i.e. /dev/sr0). Commands it needs and that therefore need to be installed on your system are awk, md5sum and pv. Chances are good, that there exist precompiled packages for your distribution. When the comparison is done it prints out whether it succeeded or not and returns 0 on success and   -1 on failure for use from within other programs.

You may download the script from here:

[download#11] gplv3-127x51


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