module parameters changed in kvm-intel

With linux kernel 2.6.32 module parameters for kvm-intel changed so if you cannot load the module anymore and you get errors in dmesg like

kvm_intel: Unknown parameter `enable_vpid’
kvm_intel: Unknown parameter `enable_ept’
kvm_intel: Unknown parameter `flexpriority_enabled’

you should update your module config. For gentoo users this means to edit the file


and to remove the obsolete parameters. Afterwards run

update-modules -f

Now you should be able to load the module and do kvm vitualization again.

For me this problem occured when trying the new zen-sources-2.6.32-zen1 (also in zen2). Sadly this kernel is affected by the bug which causes higher power consumption (at least on my Precision M65) when not running a suspend to ram cycle before. This also occurs with vanilla sources. For more information on this topic see


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Lost dellWirelessCtl?

After upgrading my system from libsmbios-2.0.3 to libsmbios-2.2.19 my scripts for setting up wireless failed. After a short search on dell linux wiki I found out, that some Scripts have got a new name. So dellWirelessctl is now smbios-wireless-ctl. The usage seems to be the same.

What is libsmbios?

It is a cross OS library intended to be used to obtain common information available in BIOS using a unified API. Currently, it can programmatically access any information in the SMBIOS tables. It also has the ability to obtain Dell system-specific information such as the Dell System ID number, service tag, and asset tag. Future plans include APIs for $PIR, and mptable mapping.

If you want to know more about libsmbios, have a look at

I hope this information is useful for you

best regards


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Petition for Gimp

Today I found this petition for Gimp. Have a look and support gimp. It seems that gimp should be removed from the next ubuntu release. There for have a look at Bring Out The Gimp petition. Below is a copy from this site. Now Sign the Petition and stay tuned.

To:  GNU/Linux major distributions

We, the undersigned, kindly ask all major distributions not to cripple their release CD’s by removing important applications like, GIMP, and others.

These applications may have their set of problems. Granted. Let’s work on them as well.

However, removing such important applications in order to save space for any “current trendy application” just because said application depends on bloated, problematic and polemic runtime environments reveals a worrysome mindset: form over substance.

If the functionality said application provides, is also provided by another application which is far leaner, then please fix the problems with the leaner applications rather than removing important applications such as The GIMP.


The Undersigned

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