zen-sources-3.0 with tuxonice

Starting with the 2.6.36 kernel, tuxonice has been removed from zen-sources. The latest tuxonice patch that is available is for the linux kernel 3.0.  So I patched the zen-stable-3.0 sources with tuxonice. Hopefully a patch for more recent kernel versions will be available soon.

Suspend to RAM works with this kernel, at least on my Dell Precison M65 and my Desktop, as well as suspend to disk does.

To get things to work, download the zen-stable-3.0 kernel tree from zen-kernel.org and extract it. Afterwards download the tuxonice patch from tuxonice.net and apply it. For getting the zcache feature, to work you have to download and apply this patch: [download#74] The zcache feature doubles RAM efficiency while providing a significant performance boosts on many workloads.  The patch has been extracted from vserver-sources- with working zcache feature.  After applying the patch  you can continue with the standard kernel building process. The zcache feature is located under staging drivers in the kernel tree and depends on the cleancache feature, which is located  under processor types and features. To enable the zcache feature, you have to pass the zcache keyword to your kernel, in example in your grub.conf.

Example: kernel /bzImage panic=60 root=/dev/hda3 zcache

For Gentoo users there is a more easy way: Download my modified overlay from [download#76] and extract it in /usr/local/portage. Be sure to include the following line in your /etc/make.conf:


If you want to use tuxonice include tuxonice in your USE-flags. Then emerge zen-sources and build the kernel as you wish.

Tuxonice is not officially supported in current zen-sources. So If you’re using the files above, don’t report any bugs to zen-sources.org. You are on your own.

For my Precision M65 I used the following kernel config: [download#75]

For more information on the zen-sources patchset see www.zen-sources.org.

best regards



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