marquee script

Recently we had the task to create an animated web banner containing a marquee (in German Laufschrift) in Linux. Since we were not able to find a piece of software performing this task in an efficient way, I decided to write a small script for this. It uses ImageMagik (in my case V6.4.4.6) to generate an marquee below a supplied image and produces an animated gif as output. The script contains a config section where you may supply the input logo, the marquee text and some further settings like font and color:

# Settings

#the text for the marquee text=”+++ put the text for the marquee here +++ 0111011001101100101100011101010001001001010110010111010101 ”

#  files

#input file


#output file


#background color


# font settings




# animation settings

stepsize=6     #if possible this should be a part of the textwidth (see output) #if chosen too small this may result in too large images

delay=10       #speed

Just put in the necessary settings and run the script. You can also use the script on your web-server to update your banners with new text on the fly. You may download the script here:

[download#1] gplv3-127x51

Regards Jürgen

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