a stereoscopic jps viewer for Linux

SIV is  capable of displaying JPS stereo images and MPO stereo images in different stereo modes. I tried it in fullscreen/windowed mode with anaglyphic and quad buffered stereo mode. Different output devices I tested were my Vuzix VR920 HMD and relevator shutter glasses  on Nvidia Quadro FX 350M and FX 3700.  It should also work with an Ati FireGLboard, Zalman 3D screens, Nvidia Nvision and many other stereo display solutions, but I never tried this.

Screenshot of the viewer as window in anaglyphic mode:

SIV-1.1 screenshot in anaglyphic mode

A note about the name SIV, SIV stands for Stereoscopic  Image Viewer, but as I found out Siv is also the name of the wife of the god Thor in the norse mythology. See: Wikipedia: Sif and Behindthename: Siv. Sif and Siv are the same name, both writings are possible. Once I found out this, I thought that’s a cool name for this piece of work.

read more on the article: SIV – a stereoscopic jps viewer for Linux

and get the new version with support for JPS and MPO files, headtracking support, slideshow mode, and  filters : SIV-1.1

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