seahorse-2.22.3 segfaults

After updating my gentoo-linux boxes I recognized enigmail asking for the password multiple times when decrypting a single mail. Some days later, when I rebooted the system gnome did not start anymore.

A quick look into my/var/log/messages showed:

Oct  2 10:50:43 hostname seahorse-agent[419]: segfault at 0 ip 0000000000432fb8 sp 00007fff01ceb150 error 4 in seahorse-agent[400000+50000]
Oct  2 10:50:43 hostname seahorse-agent[419]: init_gpgme: assertion `GPG_IS_OK (err)’ failed
Oct  2 10:50:43 hostname seahorse-agent[419]: seahorse_pgp_source_init: assertion `GPG_IS_OK (err)’ failed
Oct  2 10:50:43 hostname seahorse-agent[419]: unsupported key server uri scheme: ldap

So I suspected seahorse to be responsible for this missbehaviour. When searching the net for the problem I found the corresponding bug entry on The problem was caused by some changes in gpgme-1.2.0.  The patch from there solved the problem for me. After reemerging seahorse and rebooting the system gnome did start again and enigmail worked properly.

You may download the ebuild I used from here: seahorse-2.22.3_overlay.tar.gz (447)

Extract the archive in /usr/local/portage. Be sure to include the following line in your /etc/make.conf:


Then emerge seahorse again and reboot.



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